Roro's Privacy Policy

Roro does not collect any personally identifiable data (PII) or personal data as defined by GDPR.

Roro is not a data broker and does not share, sell, lease, barter, or give away your data.

This is our privacy policy in short. For the long form, read ahead.

Longer (Boring) Privacy Policy

Roro is designed to be anonymous and privacy conscious from the get go. No personally identifiable information is collected including but not limited to:

The user is identified with a random string with no login required and with no other user specific data point collected, we have no way of tying the profile to any individual's identity or social media account. If you decide to reinstall the app, a new random string is assigned to you thus effectively nuking your earlier link with Roro.

Roro only collects two pieces of data, both of which are explained below.


When the user chooses their guardians, their number is stored on our server so Roro can send the location information of the user in case of an emergency or a missed check-in.

Location Data

If you ask Roro to keep a record of your last known location, it encrypts, if enabled, and stores it, at an interval you explicity set. Only the last location is stored -- any previous data is overwritten when a new data point comes in.

Roro is not in the data mining or harvesting business. No information is shared, sold, distributed, bartered or leased to any third party.

By law, we are compelled to comply with court ordered legal requests.