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Personal safety made easy, private, and automatic.

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Why Our Users
❤️ Roro

It's not just the catchy name or lack of ads!


No accounts or logins. Guardians don't need to install anything.


Your data is encrypted end to end. Even we can't access it.

Privacy First

Your safety net doesn't need to track you constantly.

What Can You Do With Roro?

How can you use Roro in real life to keep you and your family safe?

while Commuting

Commuting at a later than usual time in an unknown cab? Turn on Roro's ExtraSafe mode, check-in every 5 minutes to let your folks know if you need help.

while Traveling

Roaming the continents and want to let your loved one know you're okay? Set a check-in every day and roam around!

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for Elderly care

Worried about your parents, or grandparents, who're living alone? Install Roro on their phones and set a twice daily check-in.

for Mental health

Have a close one who isn't feeling good lately? Install Roro on their phone for a daily check-in to let them know they aren’t alone.

Roro's Patent Pending Tech
Works to Keep You Safe

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Roro encrypts and stores only your last known location, at an interval you're comfortable with.

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Mark yourself safe with a passcode. Check-in every few minutes, if you're taking a cab, or a few hours, or even days. It's your call.

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If a check-in is missed, or the wrong passcode is entered, Roro understands you might need help and alerts your chosen guardians.

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Guardians will be sent a message with your encrypted live location and a customized message with the hint to unlock the location.

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Why Roro?

And What's Wrong With Existing Tools?

Safety, as a problem, is being approached from opposite ends of the spectrum:

  • family apps where your real time location is transmitted, all the time, and
  • reactive SOS apps to alert your contacts after an emergency occurs.

We believe there is a middle ground. Constant tracking might help with young kids but for anyone older, it takes away their independence and autonomy. No one wants to be tracked all the time!

SOS apps are reactive, need manual intervention and the phone to be functional.

Roro solves these issues by acting only after a check-in is missed and making the alert intervention free and independent of the phone.


Forced to Check-in?

We've designed Roro to handle this situation by:

  • Creating a user defined secondary code to signal a forced check-in.
  • When entered under coercion, Roro accepts the code as valid but silently notifies your guardians.
  • Roro will also let your guardians know you used a danger code.
  • Law enforcement can also be notified as an optional setting.
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Built for the New Decade

Our alerts are sent out independent of your phone. Battery dead, no signal or the phone being lost, broken or taken? No problem.

Our patent pending technology works to alert your guardians, without explicit intervention from you. When optional features are enabled, Roro can also turn itself on when you leave your home and office or based on a weekly schedule.


Our Mission
Making the World a Tiny Bit Better!

From the outset, our idea was simple: personal safety shouldn't come with so many compromises -- whether it's being tracked constantly, leaking personal information or being bombarded by ads.

  • Intervention free alerts via email and Whatsapp
  • Alerts delivered independent of your phone
  • Pass codes instead of biometric to prevent being forced to check-in
  • Coercion-proof functionality built right in
User First
  • No advertisements
  • No in-app purchases
  • Free to use
  • No selling user locations (it's all encrypted, remember?)
  • Available in 4 languages (and counting!)
  • Very minimal impact on battery

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. After 15 years of building trinkets and toys for first world problems, this is our attempt at making the world slightly better than we found it.

In the unfortunate event of you being held against your will and forced to check-in, entering a danger code will unlock the app and silently notify all your guardians. Yes, the app's UI will also switch the codes when viewed by the attacker.

Whatsapp alerts cost a lot of money, especially for an unfunded couple. We plan to increase this number soon.

You shouldn't. What you should do is get one of your geekier friend to monitor what permissions the app wants and what data is being sent back.

Our Team

Roro is run by the duo of Sid and Aish

Team Members

Sid consulted with numerous SV startups eons ago, built a few products, and, for a decade now, has been doing cyber security at Envato. He loves building things, and chess, as much as talking about himself in the 3rd person.

He came up with Roro, after reading about a particularly gruesome incident in India, and built the app working nights and weekends.


A cognitive neuropsychologist by trade, Aish has been working with startups in the mental health and leadership development spaces. She's also a prolific Carnatic singer, a downright crazy cat lady, and the founder-director of an animal welfare NGO.

She handles user evangelism, training and marketing. She was also the all important user #1 at Roro.

Contact Us

Whether you have feedback, criticism or just kudos, feel free to reach out.

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